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27 December 2011

Nafsu Muka Buku ?

Haii bloggers ! Haha , kelakar je title tu kann ? 
Anyway, lyric dia memang awesome . 
Sangat-2 Islamic lahh ! Hehe . 
Congrats pada yg dah olah lyric ni jadi Islamic gittew !
Some notes in this video given :
A conversion of market-breaking Cinta Muka Buku by Najwa Latif with lyrics with better messages to the Muslim youths. All copyrights goes to Najwa Latif for the original song.
I got to say that Cinta Muka Buku was a great song, a very catchy and unique song, but it is sending a slightly bad idea to the teenagers out there. Firstly, pre-marital intimate relationships is forbidden. Loving someone is not wrong, because it's the very nature of human. But as soon as the characters in the original song started to take wrong actions about it, ie. asking to go out or date without legitimate ties , then the love is tainted.Islam teaches us to channel that feeling accordingly which is the ultimate conclusion of any relationship between a man and a woman, marriage. Secondly, love is degraded when the persons in the song are described to fell in love because of Facebook. Yes, there are cases in which couples married and their first meeting was on the virtual world, but there are a lot of risks and threats when we talk about online interactions and infatuations. Paedophiles,Criminals,Cheaters,Syndicate-men, Drugs Mule and any that you can think of.
Nevertheless, I want to stressed out again , Najwa Latiff is a great singer and the original song is superb. However, as a Muslim with a clear purpose in life , we need to consider the consequencesof our actions to the society. Music and arts are a great tool of dakwah , so use your talents to do something that can be beneficial to life in the Hereafter. Peace!
Terimalah NAFSU MUKA BUKU :)

How ? Dah dengar ? Sejuk je hati kann ? :DD
So, tayah nak in love sgt lah kan ? *macam lah aku tak penah falling in love :P
Okay-2, dah lahh .. Sorry entry kali ni teramat pendek ..
Adib busy lah sayang-2 ku semuaa .. Sorry k ? 
Orite ! Promise akan update later ..
Bubye !

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